Tie Up The Deal

The trend in the workplace over the last ten years has been to eschew classic forms of professional attire in favor of more casual outfits. But while an open-throated shirt and a thrift store jacket may work in certain tech offices where the oldest employee is 30, it doesn’t translate well to the vast majority of professional environments. The tie, well-tied and paired with a classic dress shirt and sharp suit or sports jacket, still carries a great deal of symbolic power.

Increasing Your Confidence

Even if you work in an office where you’re convinced no one cares about your appearance, a tie can give you an enormous reservoir of confidence. Of course, you already know this. Would you feel more confident asking your banker for a loan wearing jeans and a hoodie or wearing a suit and tie? You stand taller and exude confidence when you wear a tie.

Dress For The Job You Want

This is one axiom that has a lot of truth to it. Dress for the job you’re aiming for, not the one you currently have. People see a man wearing sharp clothes, and they can more easily envision that man in a higher position of authority and responsibility. Don’t put obstacles in your own way by dressing down.

Make More Money

Every survey that has ever been conducted on the matter has concluded that good-looking people make more money. That may seem unfair, but looks aren’t limited to what you were born with. Exercise, excellent hygiene, proper diet, and the way you dress all play a big role in how you look. A CareerBuilder survey once found that 41 percent of employers were more apt to hand out promotions to those who dressed more professionally. If a tie could make the difference in your next promotion, why not take that small step toward your own success?


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