Stop Getting Dressed in the Dark

Everyone wants to maximize the time they have, but many men are making hasty decisions when it comes to what they will wear. Whether you’re hitting the snooze button too many times, giving yourself too much time at the computer in the morning, or simply rushing through the dressing process because you don’t enjoy it, you could be doing yourself a grave disservice. What you wear to the office not only changes the way people perceive you, but it has a significant impact on how you feel about yourself. A sharp outfit can go a long way toward doing both.

Take Your Time

Decide that you will devote some time each morning on what you are going to wear. Alternately, setting out your outfit the night before removes any added pressure to your morning and can give you a little peace of mind as you drift to sleep. If you don’t have anything decent in your closet, this is as good a time as any to invest in yourself. People make the excuse that dressing well costs too much money, but they don’t realize that it is an investment that will come back to you. One of the best ways to update your closet is to start with buying a shirt and a tie to give a new dimension to your existing suits. Better dress correlates to better pay, more job opportunities, more successful interviews, and even an enhanced social life. Spend the money and the time now, and you’ll see great rewards for it in the future.


The other excuse men make is that they don’t know anything about fashion. With an internet connection and a trip to the magazine section at a local bookstore, you can learn the basics of men’s professional fashion in less than two hours. If you make learning a priority, you can find countless sources of good information. You can learn which color tie to wear with which color suit. You can learn how a simple button-down can transform an entire outfit. With the right knowledge, you’ll no longer want to rush through your morning routine. Instead, you’ll want to get it right each and every day. Putting that little extra effort into your appearance will pay dividends.


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